Monday, January 31, 2011

Schools Out 2011

Brendan Goudswaard finished his paid contract as the Schools Out Coordinator in January.

Gay Wellington would like to thank him for keeping the group going successfully in 2010 and we wish him well. Although fortunately he will continue to have an ongoing involvement with Schools Out in 2011.

We have lots of plans for the group when the school term starts, including funding for a fresh advertising campaign. So keep an eye out!

Schools Out can be contacted by texting/calling 027 763 9793 or by email at

What's coming through the helpline?

We keept the helpline available for 16 days over December/January.

Just under half the calls were received from females.

Topics ranged from relationships, transgender issues, accommodation, referrals to gay-friendly groups, and straight men confused with feelings of same sex attraction.

Greetings from George, our Co-Chair

The planning days were a great success this month! We had extrememly positive and productive discussions about the future of Gay Wellington for a whole day and a half. We got to stay at the very peaceful Strathean just out of Otaki.

Thanks to our guests, Vaughan and Jeremy, as well as to everyone who came along for making it such a nice time.

I am feeling pumped about all the plans we have for the year and I am also filled with love and respect for all those involved. Good one!


January 2011 Planning Days

There were 13 of us at the Strathean planning days last weekend. We were joined by Vaughan Meneses from OUTLine and Jeremy Baker who helped faciliate the Saturday.

The venue and weather were brilliant and we came up with plenty of new ideas. We will put these ideas up at the February business meeting so everyone can agree on the way forward.

Underlying these ideas was the premise that we will continue to focus on three main groups - youth, people who are confused / coming out, and the local GLBT community.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lesbian Drop-In Update

Happy New Year!

Some of us attended the 1st Velvet Club show and one of our members, Hazel, was a fab performer. There is another lesbian event at the Velvet Club for valentine's Day. Hopefully we will get another good crowd out.

The Amazon Softball Team is having a good season and remains undefeated. There are a few teams signed up and practicing for the Out Games Lawn Bowls on Wednesday evenings in Kilbirnie.

Our next Drop-In is February 2nd. This clashes with the Bowls but hey, can't do it all!



[Lesbian Drop-Ins are held on the first Wednesday of each month. For more details contact Jo at]