Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 2009 - Job Advertisement

Wellington Gay Welfare Group
Community Development Worker

Wellington Gay Welfare Group Inc. is a dynamic and energetic voluntary organisation that works for the welfare of the queer community in the Wellington region. It is committed to the principle that building strong communities is necessary to the mental, sexual and physical health of community members.

We are looking for an energetic, resourceful, self-reliant person who can organise and facilitate groups of young queer people in the Greater Wellington region and develop networks across queer communities and those that affect them.

It is envisaged that the successful applicant will work 20 hrs/week on a one-year contract and start work in mid-January, 2010.

A CV and letter of application should be sent to: by Saturday 21st November, 2009.

Job Description

Key Objectives of Role
  • Develop and strengthen relationships between the queer community and the wider community with a specific focus on schools and youth
  • Organise and facilitate groups of young queer youth in the Greater Wellington region
  • Assist with WGWG administration
  • Other duties as may be determined by the WGWG committee or membership.

Skills and Competencies

In order to achieve the objectives of the role it is anticipated that the person will:
  • be able to work independently and with minimal supervision
  • possess effective communication skills
  • have the ability to draw people from a diverse range of backgrounds together
  • possess effective relationship skills
  • be experienced in working with schools and/ or youth
  • have had prior experience in the community or voluntary sector
  • have a large amount of initiative and enthusiasm
  • have a long term focus, while still achieving short term objectives.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Next Trainee Intake Day on Sunday 19th July 2009

We are planning to have another Trainee Intake Day on Sunday 19th July 2009. If you are interested in becoming a Gay Wellington volunteer please either ring the Gay Wellington Helpline on (04) 473 7878, or email us at Further details about the intake day will be posted here as they become available.

$10,000 grant for Gay Community support worker

Wellington Gay Welfare Group Inc. has received a $10,000 grant from the Wellington City Council to fund a Gay Community support worker.

Police Warning on Wellington beats

We have received the “heads up” on the following issue, please pass on to your contacts

Police have had several complaints from the public about 2 beats in the Wellington area, and are now patrolling these beats.

1. The Lyall Bay public toilets at the end of Queens Drive. (Also known as the Green Room) is under Police surveillance.

2. The Public Toilet at Franks Kitts Park facing the lagoon and rowing club are also being watched by Police.

Please if you use either of these Beats please be very careful or preferable stop using these beats for the time being.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Map of Gay & Gay-Friendly Venues in Wellington

There is now an online map showing gay and gay-friendly shops, businesses and venues in the inner Wellington area.
Gay & Gay-Friendly Venues in Wellington


Gay Wellington (covering all the GLBT colours and persuasions of our rainbow community) officially known as the Wellington Gay Welfare Group, is an incorporated society funded from a variety of sources, including the gay community, philanthropic trusts, Wellington City Council and community grants. The group has been active for over 25 years, and since its inception, has met a range of welfare needs for all of Wellington's gay communities.