Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Looking back to 2000

Ten years ago Ross and I were Helpline Newbies. I don’t remember too much from the intake day, but I know I was nervous about taking calls. Back in 2000 we had between 70 and 130 calls a month. Derek Cattley was the Chair, and Chris, Bill and Rod were as committed members then as they are now. The hot topic of the day was the same-sex relationship bill.

In 2010 WGWG is a lot different and so is the way we live our lives. But the energy in WGWG is stronger than ever. There were over 17 people at our June meeting and we’ve got 10 new male and female volunteers. I’m looking forward to the August AGM to celebrate our success. If you have memories to share for the next newsletter, let me know!