Saturday, October 2, 2010

Money Stuff...

In September we were very grateful to receive $1,000 from the Armstrong & Arthur Charitable Trust for Lesbians. This money orginates from the Lesbian Helpline - when it closed a few years ago it passed its money on to A&A. We will use this to support the monthly Lesbian Drop-In.

The Funding Committee met on the 28th to plan future applications through to March 2011. If anyone has bright ideas about raising funds, let one of us know. We'll report back at the October business meeting. [If you're reading this and you have some spare money waiting to go to a good cause, don't forget that you can donate to us and claim a tax rebate - there's more detail on our homepage!]

Over the last month we provided $250 worth of New World vouchers to the Awhina Centre using the Cuthbert Funds.

At the September business meeting we agreed to provide financial support to Tranzform for the next six months.

Finally a big thanks to James for auditing/reviewing the accounts and sending through the final review report last month.