Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Newcomers - it's back!

Newcomers is getting going again after a hiatus of over half a year. We’ve had a number of enquiries and we think there are enough to start a sustainable group.

Newcomers is for any queer or gay men (or men who think they might be) and who would benefit from group discussion about sexuality, homophobia and coming out…. And it is also a way to start making social connections.

This is not merely a group for guys coming out, but also for guys new to Wellington, guys who have not fitted into the scene yet, and for guys who may have been out for a while and have plenty of gay friends, but who feel they would like to talk with a bunch of other guys about what life is like for us.

Participants will first chat with one of the facilitators to break the ice and to discuss expectations for the group. Meetings will be twice a month on Wednesday evenings. If you or anyone you know are interested, phone Bill Logan on 385 1916.