Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sex Therapy: questions anyone?

Recently I had an opportunity to attend a sex therapy course at Auckland University. The facilitator Ally Waite is one of the directors of Sex Therapy NZ.

I found the material and presentation to be quite inclusive and not overly heterosexual. (Most matters of sexuality are universal). Different frameworks were explored for addressing and assessing sexual issues or relationship concerns such as erectile or ejaculation problems, loss of interest in sex, avoiding sex, lack of closeness in a relationship, and ‘falling out of love.’ Other issues covered were sexual addiction problems including internet sex, at risk sexual behaviours, atypical sexual practices, orgasm difficulties, pain during sex and wanting to cease destructive behaviours within the context of relationship. Questions about sexual orientations were also a hot topic.

As a therapist in the Queer Community I thought it would be helpful to set up a “Sex questions and answers” column around issues of sex and sexuality in our newsletter and in a magazine relevant to the queer community – to be confirmed - so keep a watch for Dr Jodie in the near future. If you have any questions that you would like covered in such a column please send them in to which can be answered in this forum.

PS your real name does not have to be shown with your question ie confidentiality will be assured.