Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Co-Chair reflections on the month and the year

November was a busy month for WGWG. We had a field trip to Emperor's Bathhouse, ran a successful intake day, voted in Kura as our new co-chair, went live with a new website, switched to Kiwibank and sent Jo on a course in Auckland. It’s a bit harder to measure our impact on the GLBTI community for the month, but for the first time we put together some firm statistics. Have a look at the below article and if you have suggestions to better capture our impact on the community, share them. One idea so far is to supplement these sorts of numbers with some personal testimonials and surveys.

2011 has been an active year as a whole and the group's monthly newsletters make it easy to reflect back on some highlights. The strategic planning days at Strathene, the gay fair, welcoming so many new members, upgrading our website, and employing George and Kassie for School’s Out are some of the events which stand out for me. A big thank you to everyone who put in time and effort to make the year a success. You know who you are. Stu