Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Introducing Phil, a new volunteer

This year we decided to post more information about the great volunteers here at Gay Wellington. Here's a write-up from Phil who joined us late in 2011.

Hi. I have already met some of you at the intake training day in November. That was a buzz! It was great to be part of a supportive and positive group with so much honest sharing. It was also a real learning experience for me, expanding my ideas on self identity, gayness and gender.

I am a 48yr gay male. I was born and educated in Whanganui. I had a very Victorian upbringing which stopped when my older father died when I was 13 years old. After starting an adventurous sex life very early and into my early 20s, I was hospitalized as suffering from depression and anti-social behaviour. Treatment consisted of some very heavy drug therapy and being told I was gay and a deviant. This period lasted for about 2 years. Having been brought up as a strict Roman Catholic, I resisted the idea and proceeded to throw myself into the corporate world to prove everyone wrong.

After many years of trying to live the straight life, numerous unsuccessful affairs, a serious sexual attack followed by a bout of drinking and drug abuse which nearly killed me, I finally came to a period in my life when I had to confront certain facts about myself. Although some were painful, as I have hurt people in my past, I also discovered that I also have some talents and skills and realized that I can make a difference. Long live life!