Thursday, May 3, 2012

Newcomers - is it any good?

A Newcomer recently wrote this testimonial about us (thanks Logan): "Being a gay man thinking of coming out, I joined Newcomers hoping to hear about the stories of others and how they found the whole coming out process. I have always been able to relate, in some way, to the stories shared by other members of the group and have been amazed by how much some members have gone through – it really puts my own reservations about coming out into perspective. I also like the informal and ‘no drama’ nature of the meetings as well as the support and honest advice the group provides. I have been going to Newcomers for about three months now and would recommend it to anyone who is keen to give it a go." The next Newcomers meeting is Tuesday 8th of May and we meet every second Tuesday (from 6pm-7.30pm). Email or phone helpline if you'd like more information.