Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Red Ribbon Street Collection on November 30

Red Ribbon Street Collection

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Once again, the Awhina Centre (Wellington office of the New Zealand
AIDS Foundation) will be organising an annual street collection as part of
World AIDS Day.

Where does the money go?

World AIDS Day 2012 is a joint initiative between the NZAF, Body Positive,
Positive Women and INA.
Every dollar raised through both the street appeal and online collections
goes toward providing essential programmes and services for people living
with or affected by HIV in New Zealand.
Last year the street appeal raised more than $32,000 and this year – with
the addition of our volunteers, gettingtozero.org.nz and the help of our
generous supporters - we’re hoping to well and truly top that.

Awhina needs you!

For quite a few years now, more money has been collected in Wellington
than any other centre and we would like this trend to continue.
If you are able to help with collecting, could you please let me know what
times you are available, how long you are able to collect for and in what
area you would like to collect.
Could you also advise if you would like to be placed with another collector.

Even if you can spare an hour or two, your help would be appreciated.

Collecting times are 7am – 3pm (The 7am start is for the early birds at the
Railway Station!).

If you are willing to help in any way, please send me your details and I will
be in touch closer to the day.

Pub Run

From 6pm – 9pm, teams of collectors go to the various hotels around Wellington.
In the past, the Pub Run has been a lot of fun.
Perhaps you will not be free to collect during the day so this is an opportunity
to help collect.

The Awhina Team look forward to hearing from you!

Don Barclay
Administration Assistant | Āwhina Centre
New Zealand AIDS Foundation  |  Te Tūāpapa Mate Āraikore o Aotearoa

p  | +64 4 381 6640
f   | +64 4 381 6641
e  | don.barclay@nzaf.org.nz

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