Thursday, December 2, 2010

Schools Out Xmas Update

School's Out is just about to wrap up for the festive season. We had guest speakers Jo, Carl and Laressa talk on topics such as suicide & depression, drugs & alcohol and youth. Last week for the city group we didn't plan anything and just hung out and ate cheese and bread.

The numbers have been lower due to exams but the Paraparaumu group has been going well with consistent numbers attending weekly. We have been covering a variety of topics including having a local health nurse do a safe sex talk with the requisite graphic pictures of gonorrea, herpes and a 'trike' infection. We also got to swab a plastic cervix and learned how to make a dental dam with a common everyday condom.

Tomorrow there'll be a picnic in Waitangi park - it will be nice to spend some time outside. This will be the final 'formal' meeting so we're hoping it's a good one. We'll make some plans for next year soon that will hopefully increase membership and our profile.

PS don't forget to check out the Schools Out facebook site. Feel free to post your ideas and questions!