Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lesbian Drop-In Update from Jo

Lesbian drop-ins are on the first Wednesday of every month. We are celebrating our last Drop-in of the year this week (tomorrow!).

Some of us have been pretty social of late including going to the Dyke Dance at Scotty and Mal's.
We continue to get 2 to 3 new women attend each month and there is always lots ot share.

Although we are a diverse group there are pockets of similar experience ie leaving longterm straight relationships for the greener pastures of the lesbian lifestyle...

We provide support to each other and by listening and sharing our stories. We would like to have a film evening over the holidays and most of us enjoy music so we send out emails for joint ventures and just see who shows up.

For more information you can email me at jo.morrison.nz@gmail.com

I also had an opportunity to chat about sucide and depression with the School's Out Group recently and am availble to do facilitate discussions with these groups from time to time. Thanks for having me along I enjoyed meeting you.

A Big thanks to Leonie and George for cofacilitating The Drop-In.

Happy Solstice and Christmas Greetings to all Queer Beings out there.