Monday, March 14, 2011


Early on Sunday 27th February WGWG member and Schools Out co-ordinator Brendan was bashed on his way home from S&Ms and required hospitalisation.

Brendan is out of hospital now. When I checked in with Brendan on Monday he said "I'm doing fine all things considered, I'm not in too much pain and have had quite a steady... flow of visitors and plenty of messages on FaceBook."

At a time when everyone in Wellington is watching the horrible stories unfold in Christchurch, it’s hard to understand this act of unprovoked violence in our own city. Sometimes we take the safety of our city streets for granted. We shouldn’t. Violence can come from many different sources.

Back in July two of Wellington’s Diversity Liaison Officers from the Police talked to us about their role dealing with bulling and homophobia. If you know anyone who has had a similar experience to Brendan, encourage them to contact a DLO. They’re there to help.