Monday, March 14, 2011

Monthly co-chair update from George

Here's the monthly co-chair update from George:
At the February meeting we discussed many of the things that were 'blue-skyed' in the planning sessions at Strathean.

There was some lengthy discussion about the proposal to work closer with OUTLine. We provisionally agreed to pursue the idea and Chris and I have been some headway. We are scheduled to meet with Vaughan Meneses during the Human Rights conference mid-March.

We are looking forward to another fantastic Out in the Square, and Cruz is this year's no. 1 sausage-sizzle organising guy. If you enjoy sausages, (meat or vegetarian), or you just want to catch up and say hi, make sure you come over to the Gay Wellington stand! We will have amazing t-shirts for everyone helping on the day as well. George