Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chris' Co-Chair Update for April

Wasn’t it great to have the Outgames here in Wellington! I haven’t been to so many parties in just one week for years... and with a house full of Outgames friends and guests... what a week.

Thanks to all of you who were at the last meeting. We have a lot happening besides answering the telephone helpline. The national 0800 number discussions with Auckland are progressing well and we are also looking into our own group structure. We will soon be considering if moving to a ‘Board’ management structure with more closely allocated roles may be the way to go... freeing up our monthly meetings which we will then have the option to turn into more of an open public forum with invited speakers - with the Board and each work group meeting as needed.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who helped with the Out in the Square sausage sizzle and info stall. It was fun, we were seen, and we also raised lots of dosh!