Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mike's School's Out Report!

Hey guys, Mike here!
School’s Out has been going really well lately with a huge influx of newbies who seem to be really fitting in and enjoying themselves. One of the new boys said to me that he loved the “welcome environment” and said “I finally feel like I belong.” Those are direct quotes!

We recently had Dominique from Tranzform in to talk to us about trans stuff and the youth were quite interested and asked great questions.

We had Ruth from Like Minds who talked to us about a film competition. We’re considering making a film and entering which should be fun. We also went over the terms included in the queer umbrella.

Kassie and I have also started visiting school assemblies and we seem to be getting a good response from the students.

We’ve also been busy planning a facilitator training session on May 7th with the help of Rainbow Youth. Rainbow Youth (with the help of the amazing people at Outline) have been good enough to send someone down from Auckland just for us. Good to see other places offering us support.

If you’re interested in helping out or if you want more details, then e-mail All in all it’s been a fantastic month and we’re all looking forward to see what April has in store!

-Mike and the School’s Out team-