Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Tranzform is a support group for Trans/Gender Queer/Gender Non-conforming youth, and by youth we mean under 30’s. My name is Dominique and I am co-facilitator of Tranzform. With Griffin I organise the twice monthly meetings for our group.

In this past month Griffin and myself have begun the process of revamping Tranzform and the way it is managed/run plus how we promote the group. This includes consulting with the lovely members of Tranzform to see what changes they would like to see made, figuring out how the group can best serve its members, and writing a new Tranzform mission statement to give us direction in moving forward.

Tranzform is lucky to be supported by WGWG, without this support our meetings may not even be able to take place. The WGWG has kindly voted to continue supporting the group, help in the production of promotional materials which currently are rather lacking, and even procuring a mobile phone to be used as the contact point for Tranzform. Many Thanks.

Until next time