Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's happening at Gay Wellington: George's Update

Our August business meeting was postponed due to SNOW! Pretty weird and exciting stuff for about 2 hours, and then just a nuisance as it stood in the way of people getting to and from meetings. So we'll have lots to deal with at the AGM in September.

However, some things still got done, even though the other co-chair Chris is still away on holiday. Ross was amazing in getting together some important applications for funding from the Outgames Legacy fund. Thanks to everyone who helped getting that submission together, as Ross put it, it made Ben Hur look like a minor effort.

The job descriptions have been finalised and are going ahead for the new School's Out community workers.

Greg and I met with Vaughan Meneses the manager of Outline, where we discussed progress towards sharing some of our services. It is likely that we will be sharing the Outline phones with Auckland perhaps as soon as early next year.

We also had a meeting with the acting chair of Gayline Wellington, an organisation that is doing major work on creating a centralised database for use by Gay Wellington and Outline. They are also very keen to help out with some of School's Out's 'one-off' expenses. As you may recall they very generously paid travel and registration costs for quite a few School's Out people to go up to Auckland earlier in the year for the Kazam hui. We are looking forward to continuing this collaboration in the next while.

Gay Wellington Co-Chair