Monday, October 31, 2011

George's School's Out Report

School's Out has just come back from the holiday break. We had some really good sharing stories at the Kapiti group and some refreshing games at the Wellington group to take the edge off having to be back at school.

Over the break we met up at Central Park for a picnic, played on the flying foxes and ate a tonne of hummus. Heaps of lovely people came along from the Legalise Love march that was on the same day, as well as a group from Tranzform.

Ch-ch-ch-ch- changes:

We got an 18-25 group going successfully, this group will meet up fortnightly for social times.

We are using an agony aunt box, in which people can anonymously put questions about stuff. Did you know we use 'cold toast' as a word to indicate when a topic of conversation is bad buzzing us out? It's quite useful sometimes :)

Kassie and I are now employed! To do stuff for School's Out! We are both very thrilled to be doing part time roles and you will undoubtedly hear heaps more from us in future. We will be supporting the work of our wonderful volunteers and consolidating and growing the program in the area.

Don't forget you can contact us to find out info, or if you're a young person and want to come along to our groups or events, just text or call 0277639793 or send us an email on