Wednesday, October 19, 2011

News from our October meeting

About 17 of the Gay Wellington folk met on Tuesday evening and talked about our database, the national database work being done by gayline, and changes we'll be making to our website. Here's some of the news:

- Our next new volunteer intake day will be Saturday 19th November - phone or email us if you'd like to join
- Mike Nolan won the contract to upgrade our website. A big thanks to everyone else who offered to help, we really appreciated it
- We continue to provide financial support to a homeless GLBTI youth
- George resigned as co-chair now that she's a School's Out employee, and Sara asked for time out as secretary while she finishes her studies
- Sara, Kassie and Liam got voted in as new members
- Our finance committee meets next Tuesday. Money ideas and donations always welcome!
- On the horizon we're planning a Xmas do in December and we're aiming for a helpline training day with invitations to OutlineNZ in February.

Whew - it was a busy night!