Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gay Wellington - what do we spend our $ on?

We run a pretty lean organsation at Gay Wellington.

We've just filed our annual accounts with the Charities Commission, which you can find on the charities register link here. Our charity number is CC32286.

For an organisation that runs a helpline, two coming out groups, School's Out, makes grants to men with HIV and helps Tranzform, our total expenditure for the year was $32k (salaries, which were for Schools Out, were $13k).

Compare that to OUTLine NZ inc in Auckland, which primarily runs a helpline. Their most recent Charities Commission return shows total expenditure of $106k (salaries were $64k).

A lot of that difference in expenditure between Wellington and Auckland is due to the time people donate voluntarily here.

Another noticable difference between Auckland and Wellington is that we received donations of about $300, compared to $64k received by Outline NZ. Outline does a great job of obtaining donations from the public. Convincing local folk that we're worth donating to is something we'll have to work on in 2012!

If you have any questions about our financial accounts, or if you would like to donation some money to us, drop us a line :-)