Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Libra Tampons Commercial

Radio NZ will broadcast an item on the Libra Tampons Commercial tomorrow.

They asked Gay Wellington to comment as an advocacy group, so I gave a quick interview as co-chair about an hour ago.

I said that Gay Wellington supports the campaign to have the ad removed.

We're involved with the trans community through the helpline as well as Tranzform which is a support group for tranz youth. I said I think trans people are really brave and courageous, coming to terms with their situation and doing something about it. And trans people often say how important it is to have role models so they know they are not alone. So an ad that ridicules and jokes about the trans gender community is not acceptable.

RNZ asked what damage I thought could be done and I said if you marginalise people then suicide can be the result, so that's the ultimate damage.

I don't know whether they'll use the clip, but if they do I hope it helps...