Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A community discussion on supporting young queer people in the Kapiti Area

School’s Out invites you to:

A community discussion on supporting young queer people in the Kapiti Area.

We\'d like to do more things to sustain and nurture queer and trans youth in Kapiti and we are asking you - the people who live and work and study in the area - for your opinions about how this should happen. What School’s Out really needs is a support network in place that can make young people feel safer, better supported, and connected with their community. We want to work with the Kapiti community to set goals of what we all want to achieve in the region in the future.

When: 25th July at 5 30pm

Where: Kapiti Youth Support, 15 Tutanekai St, Paraparaumu

School\'s Out Aims to:

·         Create a strong sustainable School’s Out group in the area, with more young people involved in making a safe and supportive meeting space for queer and transgendered youth
·         Have as much participation from the Kapiti community and youth in the area as possible
·         Make a stronger support network in the area by fostering closer connections with the queer community in the area
·         Build links with high schools and community groups in the area.
·         Support anti-bullying and diversity awareness initiatives, seeking to work with schools to create safe environments for all students, and to create a feeling of safety and acceptance, with support from straight students
·         Train facilitators locally to run meetings for this group and keeping strong communication with the centre.
·         Build mentoring links between diversity group leaders in Kapiti schools and School’s Out facilitators and develop queer youth leadership capacity.
·         Get together more local sources of funding to sustain this group.

Feel free to contact us on the info below if you have any queries in regards to this event.

School\'s Out - Queer Youth Organisation
m:             0277 639 793    
a:  PO Box 11-372, Wellington