Monday, September 3, 2012

The year in review - Helpline (Annual Report - Part 3)

For the 12-months ending 30 June 2012 we received 146 calls and 61 callers (42%) were women. This compares to 129 calls and 40% women callers for the previous year.  We have been available for 172 days out of a possible 203 (85%). We have talked for about 37 hours, which averages to over 3 hours a month. The number of WGWG volunteers who assist with helpline are 16 members and 11 trainees (which is about 60% of total WGWG members/trainees).

Overall there has been a 13% increase in the volume of calls this year.  The proportion of women callers has grown slightly and the number of days we have been available has decreased slightly.

Most calls were 'counselling' calls or general chats. A small number of callers asked about venues or referrals to different GLBTI groups. Here are the most common types of discussion topics over the 12 months:

1. Coming out (the most common reason for calling)
2. Straight men with a same sex attraction
3. Bi-curious callers
4. Relationships / relationship break-ups / abusive partners
5. Straight parents/relatives asking for resources for family members
6. Loneliness
7. Information about the local community
8. Transgender issues
9. Immigration issues
10. Referrals to groups such as Homophones, School’s Out and Newcomers
11. Questions about HIV and oral sex
12. Straight men who had a friend come out to them.