Monday, September 3, 2012

The year in review - Our Organisation (Annual Report, part 1)

Our Organisation
The Wellington Gay Welfare Group Inc (WGWG) is an incorporated society. We were founded in 1979 and became a registered charity in 2008.

Our Mission
WGWG’s mission is to promote the welfare of all those in the Wellington region who identify with the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) communities.

Our Objectives
Our objectives are:
• To provide support for members of the Wellington region GLBTI communities.
• To increase the self-esteem of members of the Wellington region GLBTI communities.
• To present a positive model of GLBTI life and image of GLBTI sexuality.
• To foster an increased awareness of GLBTI issues by:
- Providing information to members of the GLBTI community about being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual or intersex.
- Providing information to the GLBTI community about coming out and family and personal relationships.
- Providing information about the GLBTI community to other organisations and groups in the community.
- Promoting, encouraging and supporting other amenities, facilities, groups and organisations for GLBTI people.
- Fostering awareness of HIV/AIDs, including the encouragement of safer-sex practices.

Our Activities
In 2011/2012 we furthered our objectives by providing five main services:
• The Wellington Gay & Lesbian Helpline.
• School’s Out, the queer support group for teens based in Wellington, Kapiti and The Hutt.
• Coming-out groups for both men (Newcomers) and women (the Lesbian Drop-In).
• Financial support for local gay men with HIV/AIDS.
• Assistance with Tranzform, the group for trans youth, their friends and supporters.

Our People
As at 30 June 2012 WGWG had two part-time employees and 48 volunteers. The volunteers were either members of WGWG (27) or were training to be members (21). WGWG also has 28 associates – previous members who still wish to be associated with the group. WGWG has an Outside Supervisor who is available for consultation on professional counselling and ethical issues and who assists with resolving disputes and disciplinary matters.