Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lesbian Drop-In

WGWG sponsors a Lesbian Drop-In, which holds meetings from 6.00pm-7.30pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month. The contact is Jo (email or phone Jo on 021 2480954).

For our April WGWG Newsletter we asked one of the current Drop-In members to write a blurb about her experience. Here is what she wrote:

“I always thought I was alone in this fight. I am aware that there are also other gays and lesbians but I thought we fought our own fights. Joining the drop-in was one of the bravest and wisest things I have done, not only were my eyes opened to the reality that I was not alone, but I also found myself at the start of something new. We may be in different stages of our journey, but the journey is the same; to find ourselves and be happy living who we are. It takes great courage to start and go thru this journey and I am happy that I found this group. I wish the same for the other struggling gays and lesbians to be able to realise that they are not alone.”