Thursday, April 29, 2010

Next Intake Day - 12 June

The following note was prepared by Chris, one of WGWG's co-chairs, for our May newsletter:

The WGWG membership statistics show even just on an administrative level how diverse we are as a group - reflecting different interests and ability to commit time. For example - assisting with Schools Out instead of being on the end of the phone helpline; having ‘associates’ who are former members still wanting contact but who can’t at present commit time.

We are always looking for new trainees for the helpline service and to help Brendan, Jo and Bill with Schools Out, Lesbian Drop-in, and Newcomers. We also have a need for people to help with fund raising (preparing applications to charities/ trusts), publicity (advertising our groups), administration, writers for this newsletter, and people to keep our internet presence lively and current (we have a Schools Out and WGWG blog, and Facebook profile).

Tell your friends about us and encourage them to get involved… The next intake day is on Saturday 12 June but we will take new folk on board as soon as they express an interest.