Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Youth Group - "G.B.L.T. Sandwich"

A new group for 18-25yr old queer youth has been launched in Wellington. Here's an update from Brendan about "G.B.L.T. Sandwich":

The new group for 18-25yr old queer youth has finally been started. We had our first meeting on the 23rd of April with a small but good turnout. We came up with a whole list of name suggestions with 'G.B.L.T. Sandwich' thankfully winning the majority vote as some of the others were highly ridiculous and inappropriate. We also decided on a few other things such as time, day, frequency and what we were about.

The first official meeting of 'G.B.L.T. Sandwich' will be on May 7th from 6:45pm and starting at 7pm at Anvil House. The meetings will be fortnightly with some focus for the first part of the meeting and then social time after. For more info contact Brendan 0277639793 or find the group on Facebook.